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Creating a learning culture is something we hold close to our hearts. This is the place to learn more and learn faster alongside some of the best (and nicest) brains in tech.

Curiosity isn’t just for the neighbours

There are so many learning and development opportunities to get involved with here to make sure you feel supported – and stretched. We’d encourage you to stay curious and soak up as much as you can – and if there’s something new you want to learn, tell us! We’re all ears.

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Zoopligans demonstrate a real love of learning

Zoopligans demonstrate a real love of learning. They understand that they own their own career and they are determined to get better. We work hard to make sure that everyone has access to learning no matter their role. I’ve seen people’s skills and careers grow and develop at great pace here – it’s great to be a small part in making that happen!

Rachel Maher

Head of Talent Development

What do we offer?

Here's just some of the ways we help small feet grow into big shoes; from learning programmes, professional development courses, homegrown talent stories and lots more.

For our people


A home for learning and connecting 

A true learning culture happens when everyone at Zoopla has a place to learn, connect and share together. Our Learning Hub helps us do just that. Our Learning Hub hosts lots of content designed by our people, for our people, on useful topics like Housing Market Insights, Building Your Brand Voice and How to become a Data Superhero. It’s also jam packed with thousands of external resources from places like LinkedIn Learning, getAbstract and Pluralsight. 


Setting you up from the get-go

We take onboarding seriously, to make sure all our new starters are set up for success from the get-go. We invite all new starters to spend one day with us during the first month – where you’d get to meet all of the Exec team, understand the whole business and learn about how we like to work (fuelled by great food and coffee from our very own barista, of course). What happens next? You’ll have 30, 60 and 90-day reviews with your manager to check in and make sure you’re getting everything you need to succeed.


Learn it at Zoopla 

We’re all about lifelong learning – and when professional learning and development matches a business need, we can offer Zoopligans up to five additional days leave and can help cover some of the costs for academic memberships, courses and exam fees. 

For our people managers


Learning to lead 

We’ve created a five part programme for our Zoopla people managers to help them discover their own unique management identity and style. The programme is designed to help our people managers build skills in emotional intelligence, team dynamics, influence and motivation – as well as master communication and storytelling skills. 

For our people leaders


Leading with head and heart 

Learning doesn’t stop when you reach the top of our tree. All our leaders take part in development to help them continue to grow. Our programme brings leaders together to learn about everything from adaptive leadership and coaching skills, to managing their triggers and leading with emotional intelligence, through to design thinking and creating psychological safety in the workplace. Making moves with head and heart isn’t just an invitation – it’s a challenge for every single person at Zoopla to do (especially our leaders). 

Some stories from our Zoopligans

Purple Dots Purple Dots

Homegrown talent 

"I was blown away by the capability of the team leading the proptech revolution in the UK, before the buzz word really existed, and how well recognized it was by the financial services industry.

As someone who loves problem solving, seeing their results make an impact, and taking on and growing responsibility – Hometrack was and is a perfect fit.

It’s been a period of continuous development – one of my first key learnings was to be open minded, inquisitive, and not afraid to challenge the existing approaches and beliefs – especially my own!

Hometrack actively encourages professional development. I have worn many hats across analytics and product, but always dedicated to understanding how to achieve better outcomes for our customers through a combination of data and models. Hometrack is a fantastic place to develop your career."

Theo Brewer, Director of Analytics & Consulting

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Growing from Apprentices into Associates 

We’re a founding member of the Tech She Can Charter, a charity set up to change the ratio of women choosing a career in tech. We partnered with the Charter to pilot a Software Engineer Apprentice Programme that was open to all – but focused on attracting young women into the sector. We built and launched the campaign and were quickly inundated with responses. We onboarded a cohort of ten – and are delighted (one year on) to have given six of them (all women!) permanent homes here as Associate Software Engineers. 

'I am so excited to be re-joining Zoopla as an Associate Engineer. It means so much to me that all the hard work has paid off and I am well and truly on the career ladder. The apprenticeship enabled me to work across the full software engineering stack. As an Associate, I am looking forward to specialising and deepening my knowledge in one area of development. I love working at Zoopla because I have amazing mentors who help me everyday and the opportunity to work on what really interests me.'

Louise Gilligan, Software Engineer Apprentice after being promoted to Associate after completing her apprenticeship

Purple Dots Purple Dots

Moving homes from Finance to Product 

James is just one example of a Zoopligan following their heart to pastures new in Zoopla. James first joined us as a Commercial Finance Manager in 2019, where he worked alongside the rapidly scaling Product and Technology Team to support them as they grew. James became increasingly interested in Product and their world - and after a sit down with the Head of Commercial Finance and Product Director - decided to change career paths. Fast-forward a few months and James successfully interviewed for the role and joined the Applicant Team as a Product Manager in 2021. Well done, James!

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