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Good enough isn’t good enough anymore. We’re on the move. We are busy making sure we’re an ethical business. We’re breaking down barriers that other people currently face and holding ourselves accountable for the impact we create – in Zoopla, in local communities, with charities and on our planet too.

Our committees

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To help us maximise our positive impact (and act as a critical friend), we have appointed an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance is a bit of a mouthful) Committee and a Community Committee to guide our work. You’ll find a summary of our activities below, as well as hints on what’s to come. 

Our ESG Head

Introducing Ana

Whilst we’re busy getting all of that stuff ready, we’d like you to meet Ana (our Head of ESG). Over to you Ana…

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Zoopla’s uniquely positioned to have a real, positive impact in society

Zoopla’s uniquely positioned to have a real, positive impact in society. And we’re going to hold ourselves to account for that impact. I’m thrilled to take on this role and collaborate with Zoopligans to ensure we deliver across all ESG issues. Zoopla is filled with big hearts and bright minds who love to re-imagine what’s possible, so it gives me great pleasure to say: watch this space!

Ana Brenikov

Head of ESG

What we’re getting up to for…

What we’re getting up to for…

Everyone should have a safe place to call home. We’re working to remove obstacles that prevent people from having a home and supporting those facing homelessness today. Our Community Committee has selected CRISIS as our primary charity partner, so we can support people experiencing homelessness but also to influence policy and create long-lasting change.

We’re a founding member of the Tech She Can Charter – which sets out to tackle tech’s gender ratio at its root cause. We’ve come together with other organisations, including Google, to inspire women and girls to pursue STEM subjects and careers in tech - with an ultimate aim of creating a more diverse industry. We’re proud to be a part of it and prouder still of Sandy (our Head of Talent) whose determination has helped introduce young girls to a breadth of career opportunities in tech, as well as encourage over 400 schools to deliver the Tech She Can Charter’s lesson plans.

Our Community Committee has also selected another charity, to be announced in January, who we’ll work with to build skills sharing programmes. We’re going to get involved with pupils from low socio-economic backgrounds and support them with skills-building and their GCSEs. 

Zoopligans are a charitable bunch and throughout the year, we come together to run, hike, cycle and grow beards for our different charities.   

Payroll giving
If it matters to you, it matters to us. At Zoopla, you can choose to donate to one of our charity partners or a charity of your choice through our payroll giving scheme. We’ll match up to £40/month for our charity partners or up to £20/month for any other charity.   

Fund matching
We want our employees to show up to be the change they want to see. When you fundraise for charity, we’ll match it up to £500 if it’s for one of our partner charities and up to £250 for any other charities.   

Good deed days
Each year, Zoopligans get an extra day off to do a ‘good deed day’ for a chosen charity or not-for-profit. We’ve spent them supporting hospitals, helping on school trips and donating blood. How would you spend yours?   

Business 2 Schools
Our IT team has been working hard to help kids access the tech they need during the pandemic. So far, we’ve donated 48 laptops to help kids continue their schooling at home. After seeing the benefit this has created, we’d encourage you to check out the website and get involved too. 

Hometrack (the property valuations part of Zoopla), has developed a market-leading climate risk product. It ploughs data from over 50 million properties – all to help lenders understand and model climate change risk to properties. And the team just won an award for it too: Best Use of Technology - Credit Risk at the Credit Awards. Well done team Hometrack! 

We are pleased to be a plastic free company. That means you’ll find no plastic cups, bottles or cutlery here... not one. 

There’s not one, but two cycle to work schemes here. Zoopligans can make big savings on bikes and borrow up to £2,500 to purchase a bike (plus any safety and security equipment they might need too). 

We’re setting wheels in motion for some big announcements in 2022. We know it’s more important than ever for us to join the global conversation and share how we want to positively impact our planet and our communities. So, keep an eye out for more updates! 

We’re conscious of our role and responsibility as a business and a provider – and we want to get it right. 2021 saw us writing our first annual ESG report, to hold us to account on our commitments and our progress. Inside Zoopla, we’re looking into our energy management and emissions – and how we can reduce our consumption and make sure that the energy we consume is sustainable. For our people, we’re launching community programmes and raising our internal collective consciousness about decarbonising homes (and the role it will play in getting the UK to net zero). And on the outside, we’re launching (through the Zoopla portal) initiatives to enable users and our industry to help people make more sustainable choices. 

If you’d like any more information on anything we’re doing, feel free to pop us a message at

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